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Pooja Advani

Pet Industry Expert, Canine Behaviourist, Hydrotherapist, Certified Groomer, Bach Therapist, Animal Communicator, and Conservationist.


At the age of four, she dreamt of having a house full of dogs and other animals. As she grew older her passion grew. She would often pick puppies and kittens from the street, clean them up, feed them and also hide them in letterboxes just to be able to take care of them and find a better home for them. From the very beginning, animals were her love and passion but childhood passion became her vision and today, she is the Founder of Doggiie Dog World (Mumbai).

After completing her education and working in various fields like Gemology (GIA USA), Advertising, etc. She moved to Singapore and London to pursue her dream and educate herself in all aspects of pet care and grooming for her pet children. Four years later with some solid international work experience as a Certified Groomer, K9 Behaviourist, Trainer, and Hydrotherapist for small animals, Pooja moved back to India and founded Doggiie Dog World in May 2014.


Pooja Advani has a zealous, vibrant, and strong-willed personality with an impressive mix of being a thoroughbred professional. Her passion for animal welfare and pet care comes through in the day-to-day management of the center. As an Animal Conservationist, her larger life goal is to foster and rehabilitate animals from human slavery, especially elephants. She has adopted 2 elephants that are being rehabilitated in a wildlife reserve in Africa and 2 in a sanctuary in Thailand. In the year 2018 during the Ganpati festival, she raised over INR 5,00,000 through an online fundraising campaign towards the efforts of Wildlife SOS India to save Suman - a six-year-old, baby elephant that was in captivity and being broken to serve humans. ( and the most recent, her 5th adopted elephant is in a permanent rehabilitation center in South Africa.

She continues to work individually, with organizations and campaigns formed to save, protect and adopt animals. She soon realized that she needed to do more for the animals and our planet in general. This gave birth to “Overllooked” an initiative to educate people about the various issues pertaining to our animals and our environment and encourage them to make changes in their lives. She has an audio-video series of podcasts on YouTube in which she spoke to 13 different industry experts who tirelessly work towards the welfare of our planet. 

In 2020 when the world was locked down and facing a crisis, she wanted to encourage people to be sustainable in their daily lives and that’s how Earthhium came into existence. An all organic, vegan, and cruelty-free brand that makes a wide range of beauty and lifestyle products for humans and animals. With her zeal to keep learning and the never-ending urge of doing more, she went on to further study Bach Therapy and interspecies animal communication and is now a certified Bach Therapist for animals and an animal communicator. After being in the animal welfare industry for over a decade, creating valuable change, and while still being in it, she set out on a new journey in a completely different field of technology. Which led to the Constitution of Derete, a new generation global technology company that helps people reimagine their businesses in this digital age. She continues to try new things that could fuel her childhood passion and fulfill her adulthood vision.

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