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Doggiie Dog World is Mumbai’s first fully-furnished luxurious pet wellness center with a team of ardent pet lovers, who will always treat your pet as their own. For us, your pet care is more important than vanity.
Set in an independent 2500 sq. ft. 3 storey bungalow, we have the latest grooming equipment, air-conditioned rooms, temperature-controlled swimming pool, play area, and all things your pet might need when in our care. More than anything else, Doggiie dog world is always full of unconditional love, paws, and licks.



After all the years of working in the animal industry, we have come across some incredible people doing their best for our planet. But we realized that the damage done is unimaginably huge and it can only be fixed if we all work together hence, began the journey of Overllooked, an initiative to educate people about the various issues pertaining our animals, our environment, etc. and encourage them to make changes. She now has an audio-video series of podcasts on YouTube in which she spoke to 13 different industry experts who tirelessly work towards the welfare of our planet. With Overlooked we aim to create awareness and an urge to change for the better.



Earthhium is an all organic, vegan, and cruelty-free brand. Earthhium is committed to producing the purest, healthiest, and environment-friendly products.

We strive to introduce, encourage and empower you to take the best care of yourself, the people you love, and the world around you by using natural, non-toxic products while being entirely sustainable. No compromise required.


We are constantly seeking out the best available resources to create different products and figuring ways to package and ship to you in ways that minimize their impact on the environment. So you can enjoy benefits worry-free.



Derete is the new generation global technology company that helps people reimagine their businesses in this digital age. With a strong focus on customer relationships and an undying culture of invention and innovation, we thrive to deliver world-class services that create value for all our enterprises across various verticals.


Our mission is to create unmatched, advanced, and conformable technology that will bring a colossal impact on the world.


Our vision is to bring a substantial and meaningful technological shift to the lives of people by creating the finest mobile applications.

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